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Estate Planning in the Midst of Covid-19

Estate Planning in the Midst of Covid-19

Before I decided to practice law, I was a school teacher. When I taught, I never thought of that career choice as a brave one, like firefighters or police officers or coal miners, who risk their lives daily in dangerous fields. In those days, many young women felt that it was one of the few professional fields open to us. It also gave us an opportunity to have a career and to feel like what we did could make a real impact on lives.

However, in the last few years, we have seen mass shootings in schools along with other acts of violence against teachers. And now, my clients who are also teachers tell me that administrators are encouraging them to prepare their Last Will and Testament, as they will be at risk from Covid-19 when they return to the classroom!

I’ve always believed that all adults need a Last Will and Testament and medical and financial powers of attorney, regardless of their income, assets, family size, etc. Without a will, state intestacy laws will dictate who will receive your assets, and the recipients may not be the people you want. Relatives may begin fighting over who will care for your children and who will handle your children’s money, with the ultimate decision left to a local judge who might have no clue how you would have felt about that selection. Thus, I’m always pleased to welcome those who want to plan their estates, as I see my clients relax, smile, and express satisfaction when their plans are in place and they understand the exact process which would take place in the event something bad happens.

Preparing for the Future

As an attorney, I’m more than happy to help everyone wise enough to want to plan their affairs rather than leaving it all to chance, but this is enough? It occurs to me that children don’t have a vote in decisions about when or how schools will reopen. And teachers, who may need both the income from teaching as well as want to resume the career they love, may feel they have very little say in the risks to which they may be exposed to over the next several weeks and months.

We need to look to our government, administrators, and business leaders to help us all be safe. As we approach the election process, I hope those who are worried, confused or frustrated will spend a bit more time researching the history and the past decisions or expressed beliefs of those who are asking for our votes. And I encourage those who still have concerns to contact those who are not up for election and who already received our vote to make prudent decisions – decisions not based upon what they believe may help them keep their elected positions, but decisions based upon what is right and safe for their constituents.

If we spent the same amount of time preparing our estate plan and sufficient time researching and contemplating our voting decision as we expend when deciding to make a major purchase, I believe we would all face our future with more confidence than the young and old people I’m seeing in my office these days. After all, our voting decisions and estate planning decisions will impact our futures significantly longer than that car, vacation, or other expensive purchase that we thought so hard about before taking the plunge.

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