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At Levy & Associates P.A., we know a well-drafted estate plan requires putting in the time to understand our clients’ goals. Whether you want to avoid probate or protect assets from creditors, we take the time to discuss the available tools to meet your needs. We also collaborate with financial planners to ensure the estate plan accomplishes our clients’ goals.

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What is an Estate Plan?

When people think of estate planning, they often think of a last will and testament or a trust. While these are important, at Levy & Associates P.A., we know there are many other estate documents everyone should include in their plan.

Our estate attorneys can help you with the following, and more:

  • Power of attorney – a power of attorney designates someone to act on your behalf, whether to manage your finances or make healthcare decisions if you are unable. In addition, this can be an inexpensive alternative to guardianship.
  • Living will – let your loved ones and medical providers know when you no longer desire life-prolonging measures.
  • Advance guardianship directive – designate who you want to be your guardian in the event that you are no longer able to manage your care or finances.

These are very powerful estate documents you should draft with the help of an experienced attorney. At Levy & Associates P.A., our estate attorneys can give you peace of mind that these documents will be enforceable under Florida Law.

Our attorneys take Mrs. Eskin also takes pride in ensuring our veterans receive their benefits earned through their service. We also prepares estate plans to help clients qualify for government benefits, like Medicaid. Through this, we can help you get health coverage for your loved ones.

Do I Need an Estate Plan?

At Levy & Associates P.A., we believe everyone should have the basic estate planning documents discussed above, no matter how old or how big their estate is. We work with clients to make sure their estate plan meets their needs in an affordable way, whether that means a complex plan or a simple one.

For instance, under Florida law, once someone is over 18, no one has the legal authority to make decisions on that person’s behalf. Should an adult become unable to make decisions for themselves, they would require guardianship. This can be a costly and time-consuming process. However, a properly executed power of attorney can avoid the need for an expensive guardianship.

Essential Estate Planning Documents in Florida

If you are planning your estate in Florida, there are three documents that must absolutely be in your plan.

These include:

  • A Last Will & Testament
  • A Durable Power of Attorney
  • An Advanced Healthcare Directive

These three documents are essential to protecting your wishes in the event you die or are incapacitated.

Estate Planning with Special Needs in Florida

Preparing a proper estate plan is particularly important for families who have children or loved ones with special needs. Without a properly drafted estate plan, family members with special needs may inherit property disqualifying them from government benefits. The loss of benefits can be devastating to families and force families to reapply, which can be time-consuming.

Our Attorneys are is passionate about protecting individuals with special needs; drafting estate plans that follow state and federal law. Our attorneys can help clients obtain and maintain government benefits for loved ones with special needs.

Make sure your loved ones are protected. Call our estate law office in Longwood, FL at (407) 439-2822 now to get started on your plan.

Ensuring Family Funds Stay in the Family

Ensuring family funds stay in the family is an important goal for those who want to pass their estates onto their children. Many families want to avoid the possibility of misuse or litigation of assets should an adult child divorce or develop mental health issues that impact asset management. Or, the clients may want to only disburse income to their children, with the principal going to grandchildren.

It is crucial to candidly discuss any asset protection concerns with our estate attorneys. This way, we can design the most effective means to direct assets so they stay within the family or are otherwise directed according to your interests.

Some misconceptions about the distribution of family assets include:

  • Believing that all or part of an estate’s assets will be seized by the government, leading the owner to self-diagnose and create documents that cannot be enforced.
  • Assuming that, no matter what, a spouse inherits everything.
  • Thinking that having one child on a bank account along with directions to that child to share everything equally will effectively distribute their estate. This can actually create tax consequences that would not have been present with the correct estate planning.
  • Believing that only the spouse who earns the income needs to have a will and that it is unnecessary for the non-earning spouse to have a will.
  • Creating an IRA or other pension designations for heirs and/or a life insurance policy, but different beneficiaries on wills or trusts. IRAs and insurance plans always override what is written in a will.

These and other misconceptions can lead to termination of relationships between family members, payment of non-required debts, or the assets do not get distributed according to the wishes of the individual who earned them.

The most troubling cases we see are where mistaken impressions about trusts created with a first spouse lead to the disinheritance of adult children. There are also cases where adult children seek to disinherit second spouses, ignoring statutory rights for surviving spouses.

Awareness of all family and business dynamics can lead to peace of mind and, more important, correct results and happier families. In-fighting after the death of a family member is avoidable with proper planning and understanding of legal responsibilities.

I Have an Estate Plan, Do I Need to Update it?

At Levy & Associates P.A., we believe in treating your estate plan as an annual physical. This means you should check it annually to ensure that insurance beneficiaries, pension, and other retirement accounts, and heirs on payable upon death accounts are still appropriate.

The following factors can dramatically impact an existing estate plan:

  • Client divorce
  • Adult children or another beneficiary divorce
  • Death of a spouse, child, or another beneficiary of an estate plan
  • Birth of a special needs grandchild
  • A family member newly qualifies for a governmental benefit
  • Serious medical diagnosis
  • Purchase or sale of a home or business
  • Moving between states
  • Purchasing investment or vacation property in another state

Florida is the primary or secondary home to many retirees who have completed estate plans in another state. We regularly review estate plans that comport with Florida law. However, we also encounter some that may pose significant barriers or additional and costly work to admit a will into probate. It is always wise to have an attorney versed in probate law review an estate plan to ensure that it will accomplish one’s goals under Florida law.

At Levy & Associates P.A., we review ongoing or prior clients’ estate plans. Welcome the opportunity to assist new clients in reviewing their previously drafted plans at an affordable rate.

Long-Term Relationships and Estate Planning

Many couples choose to stay together in a long-term, loving relationship without marriage. They assume they will be able to make medical and financial decisions for their partners. The sudden death of a partner may leave the survivor without a home, income, or any estate legal status.

These couples can benefit from a candid discussion and disclosure of assets and concerns. We can help you ensure that a loved one of choice is eligible to legally make medical and financial decisions. We can also help you ensure your surviving loved one is able to maintain the home after your passing.

Florida Estate Law and Children Turning 18

Parents are often surprised to learn that when their child turns 18, they no longer have a right to the child’s medical or educational information. Yet, generally, an 18-year-old continues to rely on a parent’s guidance and financial and medical support. Execution of a power of attorney by the child to provide agency to a parent or parents is critical, particularly if the child becomes injured or ill.

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